"We have a shared image of the child,

we involve parents, valuing relationships"

(The Reggio Approach/EYFS)

We have two younger playrooms catering for children under 2 years old – The Baby Playroom, which caters for younger babies and toddlers daily, and the bigger Toddler Playroom which caters for the older, more mobile and independent toddlers. Both rooms are managed by fully qualified Lead Practitioners. Other Early Years Educators complement the baby and toddler room teams all of whom continue to develop professionally. 


We recognise that all babies and young children develop and learn at different rates and in individual ways. Our Early Years Educators have an abundance of knowledge and experience in caring for and supporting the development of young children. The environment that a baby is in and the experiences that they have, has a huge impact on the development of their brain, which in turn has a huge impact on their learning and attitude to the world now and in the future – here at Halesowen Day Nursery this is something that we consider very carefully and our planning of environments and experiences for all children reflects this.  


Our Babies and Toddler playrooms provide stimulating and challenging environments. Our practitioners provide activities and experiences appropriate for the ages and stages of the children, always following their individual interests and abilities.


We provide our babies and young children with love, cuddles, stability, individual attention and continuity of care. Each child enrolled will have a named key-person who builds close relationships with the whole family, supporting the settling in process, your child's development in all areas, transition periods and much, much more.


The babies and toddlers have their own safe and enclosed outdoor play space where they can choose to access fresh air on a daily basis, explore and investigate their surroundings and develop their physical skills.

Routines are very important for babies and young children and we appreciate that they all are unique in their needs. Sleeping and feeding are paramount to your child’s learning and development and these routines are discussed fully at your welcome meeting. Breast feeding, bottle feeding, weaning, and baby-led weaning are all supported here and we welcome you in discussing anything that is important to you and your child.



Through baby signing that is offered at Nursery, the playrooms boast a loving, calm and settled atmosphere where babies and young children can 'voice' their wants and needs more effectively, building on existing relationships with their key-person. We access this through 'Tiny Talk' and they work closely with us to provide additional information and support for parents who wish to use baby signing with their children at home. 

Babies & Toddlers

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