The Environment

Once a house, the nursery building has been renovated to create a homely environment for all children; four neutrally decorated playrooms, where the children and their valued creations are the real colour, have flexible arrangements to cater for under 2’s and over 2’s. Practitioner to child ratios are a key part of what we do.

Keeping in line with the requirements detailed in the Early Years Foundation Stage, these are as follows:


Babyroom and Toddler Room: Under 2yrs – 1:3

Kindergarten: 2 yrs – 1:4

Preschool: 3 and 4yrs – 1:8


Our playrooms are each resourced with the age range they are intended to cater for firmly in mind. In all of our rooms, the children can access the majority of the resources themselves and they access the outside daily. 


Baby Room - Our baby room is a cozy, home-from-home environment with a 'quiet cave' for some privacy if the babies feel that they need it. The room is a 'no-shoe zone' so that the babies can safely crawl around a clean carpeted floor.


Toddler Room - With more space to navigate and a climbing frame to explore, our toddlers are well supported in their need for more physical play! There's also a full length, one-way window which is a big hit with our transport fans. 

Kindergarten - Practical though it may be, this is often the room where toilet learning takes place. For this reason, the children's bathroom is located directly off this room. 

Preschool - with a need for more independence, this room has direct access to the outdoors. We operate free-flow between inside and outside for the children for much of the day which enables them to exercise their autonomy and sense of responsibility in the final year before they begin school. 


Outside -  We have a large outdoor garden which is separated by a picket fence into an area for the over twos, and an area for the under twos. Although there is a divide, both areas can and are used by both age groups on a daily basis to gain an understanding of the natural world around them, develop physical, imaginative and social skills in the fresh air and take part in regular exercise.

           The over 2’s garden is equipped with areas for sand, water, nature exploration & discovery, physical play, creativity, role play, climbing and bike and car play. The under 2’s area hosts a similar age-appropriate range of equipment, activities and experiences. Both gardens have areas of shade and weather cover. The children freely spend time in the gardens together enhancing their learning and social skills. We encourage the children to enjoy the outdoors in most weathers, always ensuring that they are warm, dry and suitably dressed.