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Playroom Termly  News

Caterpillar 1

Over the past term we have seen babies learn to walk and enhance their climbing skills. The babies have been extending on their verbal and pre-verbal communication using gestures and single words whilst the older babies have been putting two and three words together.

In the playroom, the babies have been exploring an ‘Owl Babies’ construction area where they enjoyed listening to the story and interacting with the Velcro characters from the board. They have also enjoyed posting objects into the new post-boxes. Recently, we have made changes to the environment to create a new sensory exploration area and provide more space in the room for the babies to move stretch and roll.       

            In the coming months we will be focusing more on sensory experiences for our babies – we will base a lot of the activities around the books ‘Rainbow Fish’ and ‘Elmer the Patchwork Elephant’. 

Caterpillar 2

Last term the children enjoyed having daily access to the outdoor area – they used the slide and climbing bars together which supported them in integrating the physical and social aspects of their development. Lots of the children who were still learning to walk obtained a boost in confidence with their walking.

            Inside, the main interests that the children have displayed this term have been dinosaurs and other animals. Lots of our activities we’re centred around these interests.

            This term we have moved and improved the music area to make it more accessible and interesting to the children. We have also moved the cosy corner to make it more concealed – the children have loved playing peek-a-boo behind it! 


Last term, the children really enjoyed exploring our new areas – especially our new cosy area where the children have enjoyed having more space to relax and some lovely new beanbags. The new resources in the placing and arranging area and the new role-play area have also gone down well, encouraging lots of pattern making and lovely conversations.

            The children have taken great ownership over the garden, ensuring that the new grass and plants are well watered and looked after – we’ve also seen some budding police officers on the new play-road!

Over the summer months, we were sad to see so many children go to school, but know that they were all ready to move onwards and upwards – thank you for all of the lovely kind words, cards and presents. That said, we are already really enjoying getting to know all of our lovely new children who are settling in really well!  

This coming term we will be looking at animals from around the world and lots of activities will be arranged around this theme.