As part of a local secondary school's ongoing Project Gambia work, children and staff at Halesowen Day Nursery have made links with a nursery in The Gambia.


Our children have sent photos, presents, pictures & letters to children in The Gambia. Photos and African instruments have been shared with the children to expose them to a different country and culture and to help them understand something about the children we are linked with. The Gambian lifestyle has also been explored in a storybook that we have created together, giving our children an insight into a life with many differences and some similarities to ours. We feel that not only are these activities important for their education of the world around them, but they are also a way to support children in beginning to explore feelings of empathy and compassion.


Fundraising is also a big part of the project and at Christmas children and families are invited to collect & donate a ‘Christmas shoebox’ to the children at Half-Die & Kanefine schools in The Gambia.


Previous Charity work

In addition to our support work in Africa, staff and children here at Halesowen Day Nursery are involved in a number of different charitable projects throughout the year which has a great positive impact on the children. Although we do of course support the larger charities, we try to concentrate our efforts on the more local needs as we feel that it is more beneficial for the children to be a part of the action and see where their fundraising efforts are going - it not only helps them to learn about people who need our help in a real way, but shows them that they live in a world where people do kind and wonderful things every day and that they can be a part of that too.


Previous and ongoing projects/charities that we support include:   

  • Homeless "ESSENTIALS" bags

  • Bake Off & MacMillan Coffee Morning

  • Den Day - supporting Save the Children

  • Childline

  • Cancer research

  • The Lullaby Trust

  • Donating toys to Barnardos children and British Red Cross

  • Birmingham Children's Hospital

  • Wish House - a charity granting special wishes to local terminally ill children and giving their whole family time together.

  • Local community Harvest visits to the elderly or infirm

  • Children in Need

  • Comic Relief

  • St John's Ambulance Coffee

  • Pepper's Pet Rescue - World Animal Day

  • We are also currently raising money to buy a defibrillator for nursery and local use

  • Sponsored read week, whereby the money raised goes towards buying books for a local women's shelter


If there are any particular charities or causes that are close to you or your child’s heart, please do let us know as we would love to get involved with you.


Project Gambia