The Reggio Emilia Approach 

& Real Experiences

As knowledgeable and passionate child-carers, we listen to and take inspiration from a variety of experts, research and approaches, continually striving to provide the best possible care and education for the children in our provision. A key ethos by which we are continually inspired and interested, is that of the

Reggio Emilia Approach – many of our practices reflect its principles.

As a brief introduction to the Reggio Emilia Approach, please take a look at the video below: 




In line with this, we see children as competent, resourceful, curious, imaginative and inventive individuals who possess a desire to interact and communicate with others. A main focus of the ethos is to acknowledge the environment as the 3rd teacher – something that we hold very strong in our practice. We view our role as to organise and make accessible environments that are open-ended and rich in possibility and opportunity and that invite the children to embark upon extended exploration.

With this in mind, opportunities for first-hand real-life experiences are a regular feature of the children's time at Nursery. Trips we have taken the children on have included: nature walks; pond dipping; tree climbing; community walks and visits; delivering toys to Barnardos; delivering our shoebox appeal gifts; library visits; sports day\olympics in the local park; Clent Hills to explore trees and woodland; visits to the local florist, post office and travel agent; car journeys; farms; picnics; animal man; ice cream van; fire engine visits and we’ve even had parents visiting to share their specific skills e.g. dancing, sewing, bricklaying, cooking, puppet shows and artists visits. The children absolutely love seeing different people and learning and appreciating how they live, where they work and the stories they have to tell. Of course all safeguarding and security procedures and permissions are always in place.

On a weekly basis we also have two visitors to nursery: 'Active Adventures' who do outdoor multi skills sessions with the children in kindergarten and preschool and 'Tiny Talk' who do a baby signing session with our babies and toddlers. We also invite guest visitors to do sessions with the children at different points throughout the year. For example, we've had a visitor do pottery with the children, a local church comes occasionally to do a story and song session and Santa visits at Christmas time. Each of these sessions has a range of benefits for the children, their engagement and their development.