...from current and past parents of children enrolled at Halesowen Day Nursery

December 2019

My daughter has been at halesowen day nursery full time since the age of 9 months and she is now 3. Since starting nursery she has come on leaps and bounds, she has always been ahead in everything she can be and is always challenged to her full potential. She has learned social skills and is able to interact with other children and adults confidently and politely. She has always been well looked after even through times of illness or when we have struggled with her eating. All members of staff at the nursery have given everything to ensure she is happy and ok. Most importantly she has been happy there since the day she started. She is always keen to go to nursery and happy as soon as she arrives. The staff at Halesowen Day Nursery always ensure that I, as a parent, am happy and have all the information I need - if ever I have been unsure of something they have reassured me and responded back immediately. I have always felt confident that she is safe and comfortable at the nursery and with all members of staff. The nursery are in constant contact with parents and I always know what she has done during the day due to handovers from staff at the end of the day and the online learning journal. I could not speak highly enough of this nursery as no words will do justice for the support they have given both me and my daughter over the years. 

May 2019

My daughter Isla started at Halesowen Day Nursery when she was 8 months old and she has worked her way up through the rooms over the last 2 years. We have recently moved and left the area so Isla has moved to a new nursery - we were so sad to leave. She has absolutely loved everything about Halesowen Day Nursery and so have I. We were supported in the initial transition into the nursery with the staff making sure that both Isla and ourselves were comfortable and ready to leave each other! Once settled Isla flourished, she built relationships with both Staff and the children, her walking and talking improved considerably and she grew in confidence which continued over the following 2 years. Communication is brilliant with both written and verbal feedback, the activities and free play balance gives enough structure and routine to the day. We never felt that Isla was just a number, she was seen and treated as an individual. We had very good relationships with all of the staff who worked with Isla. Sofia has been with Isla since day 1 and deserves a special mention! I would highly recommend Halesowen Day Nursery to anyone looking for somewhere their child will be cared for, inspired, motivated and have lots of fun. Thank you to all the staff that have made our experience such a happy one.

December 2019

I am very pleased with the level of care that is given to my son, Isaiah. He has made so much progress in the time that he has been there. He is now much more talkative, he is keen to explore new things and he is much more sociable. He has also had many new experiences to develop his cultural capital.


The teachers could not be more supportive. They communicate with us and offer reassurances when he is not feeling well and we have to leave him there. 


I was particularly put at ease with how they made provisions for his medical need and even made sure that they had done some more reading based on what I had told them. That really put me at ease. 


As a teacher myself, I am aware of the demands of working with young children, I am very happy with what they do. 

October 2021

Freya has had such a lovely time at nursery, she started when she was 14 months and left ready for school. She was very clingy to begin with, but settled down and enjoyed playing and learning with the staff and her friends. She has now started school a very sociable and confident little girl, thanks to the help or Halesowen Day Nursery..... Thank you all for your hard work over the years

December 2019

My daughter has been at Halesowen day nursery for 2 months now and is 3 years old. I was apprehensive about changing her nursery but Sarah and all the staff made us feel so welcome and made the transition so easy. 


Ava is very shy but has quickly come out of her shell and made good friendships which is a testament to the staff in preschool. Because of her shyness, I feel like she was a bit left behind at her old nursery but here the staff have supported her to settle in in her own time and encouraged her strengths and qualities to flourish. I like how independence is promoted with the children but the sessions are still guided by the staff to reach learning aims for each child.


We are given a daily update of how Ava has been, what she had eaten that day and what the children have been learning and have parents evening where we are given her progress against the EYFS framework, what goals she has been set and discuss anything we would like them to focus on developing with Ava. 


The nursery are very accommodating to my changing needs with what sessions I need Ava to attend due to work and always get back to me straight away when I have any questions. An added bonus that I like is the fact that all the staff, especially management, seem invested in us as a family, always asking about home life and remembering little details it would be easy to forget.


I am so happy I decided to move Ava to Halesowen Day Nursery and wish I had done it sooner! Thank you!

December 2019

We would like to express how much we appreciate Halesowen Day Nursery and all the hard work that you and your staff put in to looking after our children. Jacob, our eldest who is now 6, spent 4 years at nursery and Abigail who is in preschool and is 4 has been at nursery since she was 9 months old, both children have been very well looked after and cared for throughout their time in nursery. The changes that you have made recently with regards to preschool with the new staff have been brilliant and Abigail has been very settled throughout all of the transition. She loves her new watermelon group, and really enjoyed taking Frazer the bear home the other week. We can see that she is progressing with her learning.

Abigail certainly feels part of a community in nursery, and will often see staff members when she is not at nursery (e.g. we see Dave on the school run) and they always speak to her and acknowledge her and she loves this. She comes home each day at nursery with a full run down of all the things that she has done and has made lots of friends.

Sarah you have worked so hard at communicating with us as parents when we have had queries or sent in emails and for that Matt and I are very grateful, you have made us feel like our view are listened to and you are very honest with everything that happens. 


Thank you for all that you do!

December 2019

As a parent whose son started at Halesowen Day Nursery when he was two years old, and who is now in the Preschool group, I only have praise for every aspect of how the nursery is run and I am immensely thankful for the support, encouragement and nurturing that my son has consistently received, enabling him to develop positively with his social skills, and his learning. 

        The staff at the nursery are always friendly and approachable, even towards the end of the day! They have always listened when I needed to share information about my child and I feel that the nursery is a valuable extension of his upbringing. Staff here have also been good at helping me or signposting me with information I have needed regarding my tax credits, they certainly go above and beyond to support not only the child but the family where needed.

        My son always loves going to nursery. From his comments I can tell he feels safe, secure, seen and soothed which is vital for children as they grow up, to enable their brains to develop properly and to enjoy their surroundings and learn well. 

        I completely trust his key workers and other staff he comes into contact with and I couldn't recommend this nursery more highly to other parents. Everyone here truly cares about the children and wants the best for them.

        I am happy with my son's learning and development progress but more importantly how happy and settled he feels here, not only with his peers but all the staff. There is an excellent variety of activities and varied pace during the day and I know the children go outside as often as possible when weather permits and this is fantastic as my son loves going outside and playing on the garden.


I cannot speak enough praise about Halesowen Day Nursery!

December 2019

Our son has been attending the setting for 19 months, since he was 20 months old. He has a very complex medical history, spending his first 5 months of life in hospital and was also NG tube fed until just before he started nursery. 

It was a big decision to send our son to nursery, but we have had nothing but good experiences with the nursery. It was hard to put our trust into other people to care for our son, but they instantly put our minds to rest when we witnessed how they cared for him and how well he settled. 

Our son took a few weeks to settle as he was very attached to us after his start to life. However, the staff quickly ‘got’ our son’s personality and found ways to put him at ease, based around his keen interest in cars. 


He is now thriving at nursery and we have nothing but praise for how well the staff how care for our son. If we request changes to his care (nappy changes as he has a bowel problem) they make the changes smoothly. 

We are extremely happy with the nursery, and most importantly of all, so is our son. 

And here are some lovely photos of cards we have received:

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