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I, Sarah Walker, am the Children’s Safeguarding Designate at Halesowen Day Nursery. That said, through mandatory training, all practitioners have an awareness and an understanding of the matters contained within the safeguarding of children and our related policies and procedures. Sam Oakley is the second designate and together we access additional training for this post. Halesowen Day Nursery is committed to safeguarding children and advocates the Working Together Approach, benefiting your child’s holistic development when working with other settings and outside agencies. Incident, accident and sickness recording is embedded into our practice and will require your input, discussion and signatures from time to time.

Security & Safety

As responsible child-carers, your child's safety and security is of paramount importance to us. Please be assured that robust procedures are embedded to ensure the safety of your child at Halesowen Day Nursery. Our various systems include: safety gates - both inside and outside; a secure front door which is always answered by a friendly practitioner; a staff-only fingerprint system on the inside door which ensures that even once inside the building, no access to the children can be granted without a member of staff present; identification processes from visitors who must also sign in and out; a password system recording for child collection; welcome meetings to discuss parental legalities and permission recording for outings and trips.


The toys, resources and equipment are subject to rigorous and regular sterilizing. Risk assessments and safety checks (inside & outside) are done on a daily basis before nursery opens for business. Risk/benefit assessments are sometimes done with the children when they have new equipment and they are encouraged to critically think about issues such as: What could happen? How can we prevent it? What is a safe way to play on this? And so on.

Please feel free to ask for our related policies in full should you wish to read them.